Nintendo Switch GIVEAWAY

We’re giving away free Nintendo Switch that come with warranty of Nintendo Switch as to being a genuine Nintendo Switch product. A Nintendo Switch which offers great features for free.


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Nintendo Switch

What can I play?

There are plenty of games already waiting for you on Nintendo Switch! If you like to play with friends and family, multiplayer titles like ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Overcooked: Special Edition, or must-have sports titles like EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 or NBA 2K18 might be of interest to you..

News and downloadable games

You may have spotted the icons of the HOME button. Let's look at two of them. The News section has lots of information about new and upcoming games, and the Nintendo eShop allows you to buy downloadable games or download demos directly to your console!.

Screenshots and videos

Don't keep a great experience to yourself, when you see something cool in a game, just press the capture button to save the moment! You can even add text to the screenshots and post them on social networks* to share with your friends!

The icons of the HOME menu

You can activate the sleep mode, adjust the order of the controllers or change your settings. You can also use the settings menu to create your own Mii! character.

Transfer of backup data

Thanks to the latest update, it is now possible to transfer backup data and a user account to another Nintendo Switch system! If you've shared a system with someone before and now have your own, you can transfer your data to resume playing on your own system.

Terms & Conditions

  • You do not need to pay anything to join this giveaway
  • The Winner will be chosen in random
  • The Winner will receive an email after the giveaway ends
  • You may participate for multiple times within a month
  • Bot Protected, Don't try to cheat our system
  • Absolutely Free Delivery
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This is an International Giveaway, there is no country restrictions. Wherever you are, we'll ship for free!. We will never ask you to pay any amount to enter this Nintendo Switch giveaway!. The Nintendo Switch will be ABSOLUTELY FREE!.

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