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Despite all that can be said about the Apple Watch and its closed ecosystem to the iPhone, it is a connected watch without any real equal on the market for Android smartphones. Even if Google is working on new models that could disrupt Apple’s hegemony, the Apple Watch is the undisputed master of the segment.

If the Series 4 was the X version of the Apple Watch with many improvements and a new, more modern and ergonomic design, the Series 5 would be an S version with more minor, but welcome, improvements. To summarize its new features: it now includes a compass, an OLED Always On screen, increased storage (32 GB vs. 16 GB) and the ability to call emergency services in many countries without a SIM card for the 4G version.

Will this new version have the arguments to convince iPhone owners who have not yet taken the plunge?

Unchanged, Yet Unique Appearance

The Apple Watch Series 5 has exactly the same format as the Apple Watch Series 4, the only difference being the arrival of titanium and ceramic materials reserved for higher-end models. It keeps its square format with reduced edges around the screen, its crown system and its single side button.

Apple Series 5 Steel and Apple Series 4 Aluminum

However, it is still very comfortable to wear, especially with the new sport bands that allow it to stay in place even during physical activities. WatchOS 6 also brings new dials, including the famous California launched by Rolex, then popularized by Panerai and found on many models of traditional watchmaking.

On the back, there is a sensor that measures heart rate coupled with an electrical heart rate sensor (ECG). The whole thing is protected by “a mixture of sapphire crystal and ceramic” to avoid scratches and ensure resistance, regardless of the version.

It is always a pleasure to use and navigate the interface thanks to the crown and haptic feedback combo. Despite the small size of the screen, errors are rare and you can navigate from application to application in a very fluid way thanks to the precise controls.

If the Apple Watch 4 made it more interesting on the hardware, the slight improvements made by the Apple Watch 5 (materials, dials) simply make it a better watch, more complete.

An Excelent “ALWAYS ON” Amoled Panel

The screen of the Apple Watch Series 5 is very similar to that of the Series 4 with a diagonal of 1.57 inches for the 40 mm version and 1.78 inches for the 44 mm version. The OLED panel used is still the best in the segment with a high pixel density (326 ppi, equivalent to the iPhone 11), vivid colors, good brightness and infinite contrasts or almost. This is the advantage of the technology that allows it to enjoy good readability in all conditions, even in direct sunlight.

To protect the screen from shocks, Apple uses an “Ion-X” treatment for the aluminum version and a “sapphire crystal” screen, less sensitive to scratches – and commonly used in high-end watchmaking – for the steel, titanium and ceramic versions.

The addition of an Always On mode is probably the most visible novelty of this new iteration. When not in use, the screen reduces its display frequency from 60 Hz to 1 Hz in order to reduce energy consumption and displays a contrasted version of the dial in use. The rendering is very realistic and allows you to look at the time discreetly without having to make an action with your wrist. This also allows not to have the impression to carry the same screen as your neighbor on the wrist.