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A pure-bred liquid-cooled PC built for one purpose only.

GAME! Don’t waste time playing with liquid cooling hardware and parts, and get right to the game!

A true plug-and-play PC with custom liquid cooling components provides maximum hardware utilization and a low-noise gaming environment.

A PC specifically tuned for gaming

A carefully chosen selection of hardware parts available only to you.

We’ve teamed up with some of the best brands in the world to bring you the best gaming PC possible.

A full range of pre-installed liquid cooling parts allow the PC to breathe easy and run your games at maximum settings and FPS!

A truly silent Gaming PC

It’s common knowledge that liquid cooling is several times more efficient than traditional air cooling.

Radiators have densely stacked fins that are combined to create a much larger cooling surface where a low speed fan can efficiently dissipate heat.

Heat is transported away from the source to a radiator and directly away from the case.

You can enjoy quality gaming without any annoying noise on your PC!

Performance and overclocking

Proper cooling negates thermal throttling and allows you to exploit the extra performance of your EK Fluid Gaming system.

Overclocking increases the storage frequency, which increases the computing power of your hardware.

Liquid cooling is the only solution that can control your overclocked hardware without the risk of overheating.