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iPhone 12 Pro Max Features

The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with sensational features. A splendid 6.1 inch screen that includes a super retina. This offers you sublime picture quality.

The smartphone has OLED screens that offer the viewer an excellent viewing experience. Its dual camera is also enhanced for better image and video quality. With the latest A14 chip, it allows the smartphone to run on par with the Mac.

It can support 5G network. And iui, it is also waterproof.

  • New slim and elegant design.
  • Remarkable 6.1″ screen size for sublime images and videos.
  • Fabulous first-of-its-kind 5G support for fast connectivity.
  • Eloquent colors of silver, graphite, gold and a new blue model.
  • Exceptional edge-to-edge OLED display delivers an outstanding viewing experience.
  • Ceramic shield for exceptional drop performance. (four times normal)
  • Dual-lens 12-megapixel camera that delivers phenomenal images and pictures.
  • The powerful A14 chip that makes it top-notch.

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Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be among the winners. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the top of the line Apple smartphone and iPhone 12 models. Its camera system is unique and includes new features such as the addition of Night mode on the wide-angle and ultra-wide angle camera. Make all your memories come alive. Both videos and photos look natural and colorful, always very professional. Its Super Retina display features Ceramic Shield, which makes your iPhone up to 4 times more resistant to drops. Take your Apple smartphone anywhere without fear of breakage. This cell phone develops your creativity, lets your imagination speak and helps you gain productivity. It has a LiDAR scanner that creates accurate augmented reality depth maps.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

For Apple, the iPhone 12 could be a nostalgic step back in design. Indeed, all rumors and leaks agree that the smartphone should offer a design reminiscent of the iPhone 4, with straight edges, just like the iPad Pro. The edges around the screen would be much thinner and the screen would now be completely flat. The notch above the screen would also take advantage of this to become a bit thinner.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

What does the iPhone 12 look like?

Four iPhone 12: While Apple has a habit of releasing three different models each fall, analysts at JP Morgan believe that the apple company could break the rule in 2021. It would rather be four models that would be unveiled at the keynote in September. Apple would present two classic models of 5.4 and 6.1 inches and two Pro models of 6.1 and 6.7 inches. All of them would of course be equipped with an Oled screen and 5G connectivity. Here’s a picture of what it would look like, according to the always well-inspired Benjamin Geskin. Still according to JP Morgan, Apple plans to release two models from 2021, to allow its suppliers to better organize themselves.

The 5G: we hoped (without really believing it) in 2019, but it is in 2021 that 5G technology should make its appearance in the iPhone, according to an article published recently in the Nikkei Asian Review. Enough to allow Apple to catch up with the competition, all major players in the sector (Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi) have passed.

Oled screen: except surprise, the iPhone 12 will be equipped with Oled panel, Apple abandoning definitively the LCD material. The 9to5mac site predicts that the next high-end iPhone will be equipped with a 120 Hz screen. Apple would thus walk in the footsteps of Samsung and its Galaxy S20 (already equipped with such a screen). The iPhone 12 Pro would therefore be able to change the display frequency of their screen, from 60 to 120 Hz depending on the content displayed. X55 chip and A14 Bionic processor : on the hardware side, the new iPhone should be even more powerful with the integration of Qualcomm’s X55 chip, the best on the market, and an upgrade of the processor, which will be the Apple A14 Bionic. The latter should be based on the 5nm burning process developed by TSMC. This is a first in the smartphone world and a way for Apple to continue to improve the image processing and AI capabilities of its iPhone.

Notch: The design of the iPhone will evolve significantly according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicts that Apple will integrate a smaller notch within the iPhone 12. Leaker Benjamin Geskin goes further by announcing the disappearance of the notch on the iPhone in 2021. The designer reveals that Apple would have developed a prototype covered with a 100% borderless AmOled screen. The sensors required for Face ID and 3D facial recognition would therefore be integrated into the upper border. “One of the iPhone 2021 prototypes has a 6.7-inch screen with Face ID and TrueDepth camera in the upper border,” Geskin said.

Face ID: The iPhone 12 should be equipped with a boosted Face ID camera. With a wider viewing angle, it would allow users to unlock their iPhone more easily. 120 Hz screen and LiDAR: Leaker John Prosser has released a new video, which tells us more about the apple company’s next smartphone. In this video, which highlights a PVT model (production validating testing, editor’s note), which is currently being validated, we discover a series of settings that teach us that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a frame rate of 120 Hz and an “Adaptive refresh rate” feature that allows the iPhone to adapt the frame rate by itself (it varies between 60 and 120 Hz). The leaker adds that the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be equipped with a LiDAR sensor (already proposed in the iPad Pro 2021), allowing it to improve auto-focus and subject detection in night mode. The EverythingApplePro website states that the iPhone 12 Pro will be equipped with a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR panel with a resolution of 2,788 x 1,284 pixels and a resolution of 458 pixels.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

What are the features of the iPhone 12?

According to the indiscretions published in the American trade press – which overlap quite broadly – we should expect the presentation of four iPhone 12: two mini and standard models, respectively available in 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches; a Pro model in 6.1 inches and a Pro Max model, of the same size.

Expected to be on the market before the end of 2021, the iPhone 12 should take up some of the new features and strengths of the iPhone 11 while introducing a few new features. If we stick to this, then the new iPhone 12 would not really be revolutionary and could even disappoint many potential buyers, especially since the competition at the top end of the market is increasingly demanding… What to remember about the equipment, according to rumors :

  • A new chip called Soc14 has been announced and should enable increased performance.
  • This iPhone will most certainly be the first of the brand to be compatible with 5G.
  • A new design is expected, with the possibility that the display notch will be reduced.
  • The high-end versions (Pro Max and Pro) could benefit from 6Gb of RAM memory compared to the usual 4Gb.
  • The photo sensors are expected to be upgraded like the video with the possibility to shoot in 4K quality. We should find the ultra-wide-angle sensor introduced on the iPhone 11, but it is unlikely that the iPhone 12 is equipped with a 12 megapixel photo sensor.
  • Rumors speak of a model equipped with a LiDAR sensor, like that of the iPad Pro. This sensor is known to experts for its ability to optimize augmented reality.
  • A model would be available in “night blue”, the green should be removed.
  • Mystery still about the autonomy, which had made a step forward on the previous generation, but the latest rumors report a charging system for the iPhone 12 wireless.

As always, Apple promises more and more innovations, improvements, never seen before… This year, the 5G technology will be one of the new features. This is not without consequences. According to the site Phonandroid, future iPhone 12 buyers will have the unpleasant surprise to note the absence of charger in the box.

Only a USB cable would be present and it would then be advisable to use an old charger or, if necessary, to buy one separately. Apple would therefore implement its new policy focused on eco-responsibility, even if, as Phonandroid rightly points out, the environmental argument “sometimes has a good back” … But that’s not all! Could also be missing: wired headphones. All this, of course, to sell more Air Pods, wireless headphones.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max design

It is quite likely that Apple will change the design of its iPhone with this new range of iPhone 12. Specialists are talking about a return to the lines that made the success of the iPhone 4. On September 11, the blogger who holds the highly influential EverythingApplePro account claimed to have had the iPhone 12 chassis in 6.1 inch size. The latter even revealed in video what to expect, with photo sensors just retouched.